About Us

Hey! I'm Timotej, the Manager of Europe Cycling Holidays.

My lifelong passion for exploration and adventure inspired me to discover the extraordinary beauty of Europe as a premier cycling destination. With its diverse landscapes, varying terrains, and rich cultural tapestry across multiple countries, I was compelled to share this experience with fellow adventure seekers.

From scenic Italy to the rugged coastal routes of Spain, cycling in Europe presents an ever-changing backdrop that never ceases to amaze. That led to the inception of Europe Cycling Holidays — to bring you unparalleled cycling experiences across the continent’s most captivating regions.

Can you picture yourself cycling in this paradise?

Europe: A Cyclist’s Utopia

The first time I pedaled across European routes, I was struck by the vast array of experiences on offer. Whether it’s cruising through Slovenia’s scenic countryside, taking on the challenging mountain passes in Austria, or navigating through Croatia’s historic roads, Europe offers a rich and diversified cycling experience like no other.

As we expand across Europe, our team prides itself on our intricate knowledge of each country’s unique cycling routes, hidden gems, and local nuances. Our experts are committed to making your European cycling holiday an unforgettable experience.

Our mission at Europe Cycling Holidays is to deliver the most immersive and memorable cycling experiences possible. Led by a dedicated team of cycling aficionados, we’ve curated a range of tours that cover the very essence of Europe’s varied landscapes and cultural richness.

The view of the julian alps in spring scaled
The view of the Julian Alps in spring will leave you speechless

Tailored to Your Cycling Needs

Our cycling tours cater to diverse preferences and skill sets. From expertly guided group tours to independent, self-guided adventures, we offer an array of choices tailored to meet your unique aspirations. And no matter which route you choose, our team ensures a bespoke experience with comprehensive support throughout your journey.

So, are you eager for a pedal-powered adventure that takes you through Europe’s most enchanting landscapes? Check out our offer of cycling holidays around Europe and let us steer you towards a journey that will leave an indelible mark on your life.

Experience Europe like never before with Cycling Holidays Europe. From scenic routes to cultural gems, discover the ultimate cycling vacations on two wheels.
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